About Feb Paper Crafts

What is Feb Paper Crafts?

Feb Paper Crafts is a realization of a dream.♡ I am comfortable calling it as my hobby/small business.  I do accept paid orders but mostly I send handmade giveaways, and make party invitations for friends.   I am still keeping my day job at the moment, but who knows? with your help, I will be a successful entrepreneur. That would be a rags-to-riches story and that will be incredibly awesome!

I have always loved crafting!. It feels like an escape from all pressures of the world- of  course,  pens (lots of it- in different colors!), scissors (in different designs), and papers (in all kinds of colors, texture, thickness!) truly helped!  Becoming an adult (at 28!) hadn’t stopped me to add several items to my crafting list- Stamps (clear, rubber, etc), Embossing folders (and I want mooooore!), my cuttlebug, my ribbons, my Tombow Glue (special mention to that!), rhinestones!, pearl embellishments, and lots more! Seems that we can never have enough of crafting supplies. Aye?

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy craft supplies. And that’s pretty close.

– © favecrafts


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